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Product and It's Benifit

The Kenway™ is made from state of an art - absolutely right for the job - 6mm (1/4") thick rigid cellular PVC - weighing only 550 grams (1.2 lbs) - making it lightweight and portable.


  • Portable.
  • Affordable.
  • Very easy to use and store.
  • Light on weight & heavy duty.
  • No future side effects what so ever.
  • No chemicals or medications involved.


How to use The Kenway Therapeutic?

As I tried this fantastic method and it worked which led me to developing The Kenway™ which gives a more positive pressure on the knee joint, releasing both legs blood flow with no chemical medication involvement and future side effects what so ever. 

The illustration on top of our website pages; shows how The Kenway™ is placed under the knees when you feel an attack of the numbness or burning sensation is about to start or has already started.

Once The Kenway™ is in place flex your legs forward for a second or two. This will help the knee joint to firmly nestle on the apex of The Kenway™.

Within a short period of time, as long as 2-3 minutes; you will 'feel' The Kenway™ is doing its job. After no more than a further 2-3 minutes, job is done and it should be removed.

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